Bluetooth confusion


Getting excited and trying out some of Gladys’s modules/features.
Looking to set up the ‘presence scanner’ feature for myself and my wife.

So I go to Integrations > Bluetooth > Discover and… I find a ton of Bluetooth devices (did not realise I had so many! – but based on another article on the French-speaking forum, this could be my hue lights)

The question is, how do I know which one is my android phone?
I looked at the Bluetooth address on the phone (Settings > About phone > Status information), I made the phone discoverable and I searched for devices on gladys. But still can’t find my device.

Is the external ID field in Gladys not the Bluetooth address?

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The Bluetooth part may need more explanation!

The Bluetooth scanning only works with device that advertise all the time, example : Bluetooth keychain

It doesn’t work with phones who voluntarily doesn’t advertise & hide their MAC address

That is fair enough.

Can we use the user presence module based on the devices connected to wifi?
(feature request I suppose :slight_smile: )

Good job though PG!


Yes indeed it’s a feature request :slight_smile:

In the meantime you could use Node-RED with Gladys for that, but Node-RED is wayyy more techy to setup & use than Gladys

Thanks !

Note: you can create a feature request here:

We have the same category in French, but you can inaugurate the English section :joy:

Couldn’t it be interesting to translate some? At least the titles?
So English speaking people can join the votes and see that you follow/develop the features requests?


I agree with @GBoulvin

Yeah I agree it could be great to have feature requests in english by default, like we do with Github issues.

But then I’m not sure how to split the discussion between EN/FR forums

If at least it could be possible to merge, we’d keep the titles and votes ‘linked’. The discussions must be doubled… But automatic translation can help finding solutions.

You could allow feature requests in fr and end and have a dedicated page for selected feature requests / in development (on github or website)?

The problem with splitting feature requests is that we can’t really order by votes

For new feature requests we could update the french title to a french AND english title?
And with the help of a moderator team, existing requests can be also translated?

I think this is the only way we could keep the votes centralized :+1:

I don’t think keeping the current category in the “french” section is a good idea, those topics are full of discussion in french only.

If we want to become international on this part, we need to re-create the topics in the international section so those topics have a fresh start in english only.

Or you could have a French community and an international community (two different forums).
The same way your website has a locale=fr

You could then replicate the topics of interest.

Most community I’ve seen as just different forum category for different languages.

Having a different forum means that communities never interacts with each other (french users never talking to english users, except if they create 2 accounts…) It’s also 2x more work on my side (server managment) + 2x the cost

Is there a possibility to automatically generate a page with all feature requests from both FR and EN parts of this forum?
Like a page page showing all topics with a tag containing “feature request”. Everything will be mixed, but with multiple languages :frowning: I see no magical solution here…

Not in Discourse.

Also, I just did a test last week. Instead of writing a news in the “FR news” section of the website, I wrote a news in english in the “EN” section of the website, to see if people will still engage.

Results: 54 views and very low engagement:

Before, here are the views/engagements of news in french:

I have the feeling that most french people on this forum are not english speaker. Non-developers users are usually people in the 40-70 years old range, and usually they are here because they speak french only…

I’m not 100% sure this is a good bet to switch feature requests to english only… (I wish we could)

Also, there is no easy solution to handle both at the same time, it’s 2x the work, and hard to cross-check the discussion in both FR/EN, (+ the votes) but it’s the best we got in the meantime I think.

Honestly I don’t know if there is a perfect solution here ^^

But also, I understand why english speaking people never stays here: it’s 99% french everywhere so it doesn’t look welcoming. Internationalizing a non-EN project is really hell :sweat_smile:

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