Bonjour de JojoS


first sorry that I have to introduce myself in english, I can understand a verly little french but I’m not able to write any senseful sentence in french… So I hope its ok to use english here as well.
I’m a german software engineer and found the Gladys project by searching for some homeautomation software written in JavaScript. I have more experience in C/C++ and C#, but I want to use this project also as an entry into the JS world. The Gladys project looks really great! Before, I’ve checked openHAB but this is very resource consuming and slow on a raspberry. I don’t like also to learm this strange script language used in openHAB, Gladys looks simplier and has more good concepts (in my eyes).
My homeautomation so far consists only of some FS20 radio controlled lights and switches. The goal is to replace these components by some own devices with rfm69 modules for a bidirectional communication.
I have some experience in building devices with microcontrollers. There I’m not following the mainstream with Atmel AVRs (although I have started also with these). I prefer the Cortex-M 32 bit devices, there I use mainly the NXP LPC or STM32. The software platform I use is the mbed os.
For the combination of my devices with Gladys I will start a new thread in the Ideas for Gladys section.
So I’m looking forward to give also some ideas for your project,


Great to see non-french speaker on the forum, so welcome here !

I’m looking forward to see your ideas on the forum :slight_smile: