Cannot log in with default pi/raspberry username/password

Hi there. Brand new user, found Gladys from the post on Reddit yesterday. I am the target market :slight_smile:

I cannot log in. I’ve flashed the Gladys image from the official Raspberry Pi site and I cannot log in using the usual default username/password combination pi/raspberry.

A shame, I have fallen at the first hurdle.
Any help/suggestions?


Hi guy, for raspberry it’s “pi” “raspberry” for gladys you have just to connect on your rapsberry’s ip on port 80, at the first connection nromally you’ll put the username and password you 'll want

Hi CCE66 thanks for your quick reply!

Ok, so while I partially understand your answer I was attracted to the Glasys assistant becuase when Pierre-Gilles was on Reddit yesterday he was selling it as the “home assistant for non-tech types”.

So maybe this assisnt isn’t for me after all - If I’m having trouble even just logging in!

Perhaps I’ll just wait until the project takes off more and there are more English language YouTube videos.

Thanks for taking the time to answer though!

Hello. You don’t need to use SSH to connect to your Raspberry Pi.
Once you boot your Gladys instance, it’s available through IP or domain gladys.local.

The first time you are accessing your instance, you will have few pages to Setup your instance and to create your user account. There is no default user/password.

It would be useful if you could explaim us the steps you are going through.

One you flashed the sd card with the Gladys image :

  • put it in your RPi
  • connect your Rpi to your network
  • start your RPi
  • from another computer, reach your RPi IP adress in your favorite browser … And voilà :blush:
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Thank you all for your responses.

With your help I have figured out that I need to:

A: Plug in the pi with Gladys flashed onto it. That’s it, just leave it alone :slight_smile:

B: Go to another computer on the same network and put the address http:/raspberrypi.local into a browser. Putting in either gladys.local or the IP address of the pi did not work for me. Perhaps because I got the Raspberry Pi official version from the Pi website?

Thank you all. My mistake was to assume that I needed to log into the Gladys Pi machine locally.

I see now that access is from my browser on another machine.

Hopefully this will help other new users.


Glad it helped :wink:
Now you can play with Gladys !

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