Device online/offline status

Looking through the Device model I don’t see a status parameter that would indicate if device online or offline. What would be the best way to handle?

That’s a good question. But I’m quite interested by this :wink:
This would not be applicable on all devices (according to service, and feedback or scan information), and maybe a status attribute with enumerate strings.

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I think it’s not something that should be stored in DB as it’s purely “live” data, it should just be stored in memory per integrations (depending of what “online” means for each integration)

What’s your use case?

I need to be able to show that device is “offline” or “inactive” on the dashboard.


Ah gotcha, then you need to add a device feature for it !

support control Brightness and color_temp(light remperature)?

in zigbee2mqtt

I tag @cicoub13 here for this :slight_smile: Thanks for your feedback @bulolo !