Docker build stuck on simplehttp2server Post Install (Gladys 4)

I was able to build gladys4 docker image about a month ago but now it always gets stuck when attempting to install simplehttp2server, i just sits stuck at this section (this is with --verbose enabled for npm install

npm info lifecycle yauzl@2.10.0~postinstall: yauzl@2.10.0
npm info lifecycle decompress-unzip@4.0.1~postinstall: decompress-unzip@4.0.1 
npm info lifecycle decompress@4.2.0~postinstall: decompress@4.2.0
npm info lifecycle download@7.1.0~postinstall: download@7.1.0
npm info lifecycle bin-wrapper@4.1.0~postinstall: bin-wrapper@4.1.0
npm info lifecycle simplehttp2server@2.0.1~postinstall: simplehttp2server@2.0.1

> simplehttp2server@2.0.1 postinstall /src/front/node_modules/simplehttp2server
> node lib/install.js

I am running the command

docker build --no-cache -t gladys4:latest .

I have left it sitting here for hours and hours and so far zero movement… any ideas?

Hi ?
Platform/Target ?
DockerFile ?

I have no problem for building amd64 image but on ARM same as you , hang on npm install but not the same module.

Host is Ubuntu 18.04 x64

Using the repo Dockerfile

There seems to be quite a few artiocles saying the module “simplehttp2server” has some issues.

As this dependency is just used for development purpose for the build of the frontend (it’s not needed in prod), you can either:

  1. Do a multi-stage build with a regular node image
  2. Build the frontend outside of docker and just copy the static folder