Gladys not being detected on Network


I just installed Gladys, but its not being detected on the network.
Any reason why that would be?


By “detected” you mean connected at your home network or web server not accessible?


Connected to my home network.
I have the Network Scanner and it does not seem to find the IP gladys.


Wifi or ethernet?

You can check your router for connected devices.


Im connected via ethernet.
I have checked the router clients connected as well as ifconfig on the raspberry pi itself.


I have managed to get the ip detected.
but now when I got ```

I get a 404 Not Found error.

Try to replace Gladys.local by the ip of rpi you found


I had to edit the host file to get it working


Yeah, depends to networks configuration / dns / router…

So problem solved?


Yes. After I have edited the host file it it now working.

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