How do I configure my wireless dongle?

HI there, I can access my Pi running Gladys via a network cable connected directly to my router, but I wish to use the TP-Link wireless dongle that I usually use with my Pi instead.

How do I configure this to allow the Gladys Pi to have wireless internet access? Is there a way to log in locally on the Gladys Pi box? I can see nothing in the web interface for Gladys that allows me to configure wifi when I log in from a browser on another machine.


Hi !
You have three options:

  • you can set up the WiFi credentials through the Raspberry Pi imager’s settings when you create your first time SD card (click on the gear on the main screen if you installed at least V1.7)
  • you can use any SSH app (like PUTTY on Windows, JuiceSSh on Android) to access your raspberry pi’s configuration.
  • you can plug in a screen and keyboard to access your Raspberry Pi’s configuration.
    For those two last options, type in the login ‘pi’ and password ‘raspberry’. Then type in ‘raspi-config’ and follow the wizard.

And unfortunately, it’s not possible to set it up through Gladys’s web interface…
Hope this solves your issue

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Option 4

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You’re right, I forgot this one :sweat_smile: