Hue Lights bridge issue


First day on Gladys and I have some teething issues with Hue Lights.

Gladys finds the bridge but when I go to connect/configure it, I get the following error:
An unknown error occured. Please try again or contact Gladys community.

Setup: The Pi is connected to the router by cable.
I still have the Hue Phillips Bridge V1 << I suspect it is linked to this.

Looking at this topic in the French section, it looks like it is possible to connect the bulbs directly to Gladys, without the bridge?! (that is deadly!)
But I will post another topic in a second that pertains to the Bluetooth teething issue I am currently having.

I can’t let my first post go without congratulating the team on some serious work done on this project!

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Indeed it might be linked to the version of your bridge, I know someone who had issues too because his bridge was too old

We use this library to control Philips hue lights in Gladys:

It’s possible but only with Zigbee lightbulbs, I don’t think it can work if you have the bluetooth version !

Thanks for this, I’ll look into it and loop back.


That’s was a quick one.

In their doc they say:
By default all connections to the Hue Bridge are done over TLS, after the negotiation of the Bridge certificate being verified to the expected format and subject contents


*Note: There is an option to connect overHTTPusingcreateInsecureLocal()as there are some instances of use of the library against software the pretends to be a Hue Bridge. Using this method to connect will output warnings on theconsole that you are connecting in an insecure way*.

The V1 bridge does not support TLS.

Also, this (still from their documentation):

In the version 4.x releases of this library all backwards compatibility to the much older Q promise and callback functionality was removed (as was indicated in the 3.x documentation). What was provided in the 3.x versions of this library to provide some backward comaptibility has now been moved into another library node-hue-api-v2-shim.

Source here

Solution: buy a new bridge and stop using unencrypted communication. :wink:

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No firmware update available ?

Naaaah, how will we sell more bridges?


So, how is it going with your instance? Did you make it?

Yep, it was the bridge :slight_smile:
Once I had the right hardware, it was easy peasy! :wink:


Glad to know it was ‘as easy as getting a new hardware’… Sad you had to :wink: