Plugin development in docker

I am watching the repo quite a long time as it is more visually appealing than most others.
But I want to add my own plugins to Gladys 4 in docker but unfortunately I can’t find any docs about it yet.

How can I best do this?

Kind Regards and Thanks in Advance,


Hi Jasper!
What do you mean by plug-in?
If it’s for adding a specific device support, there is no plug-in to add. Gladys 4 is meant to have all functionalities bundled inside. You have to code this inside Gladys.
As it’s a mono-repo, you’ll have to deal with both front and back.
We can give you more details about that if it’s what you’re wanting to achieve.

@Biomb thanks for your reply sounds like I need to fiddle around some things :wink: thanks.