Running Gladys on OpenWrt

Hello all
I successfully install gladys on Openwrt 21.02
First I use MT7621 board with CPU 880mhz and 512RAM. This CPU is MIPS. Node 14 not work properly
Now I have ipq4019 CPU and 512mb RAM. And this is ARM cpu and all work.

Zigbee2MqQTT also working fine.
Total memory usage 300mb.
But, I don’t have access to web.
I try ip:8080, 1444, gladys.local, nothing.
I change luci port from 80 to 81, just in case)
What default port and how I can change this port?


Can you describe a bit more how you installed Gladys? :slight_smile:

Do you have Docker on your machine ?

Did you use the Docker command described here:


Openwrt use package system. To build package I use this make file openwrt-custom-packages/node-gladysassistant at gladysassistant · nxhack/openwrt-custom-packages · GitHub.
Docker - yes, I have, but I didn’t succeed. My docker knowledge is limited)

Docker - yes, I have, but I didn’t succeed. My docker knowledge is limited

I would definitely recommend starting Gladys with Docker, otherwise you won’t be able to have upgrades, and some integrations won’t work.

So you have Docker installed on your machine?

Are you able to start this command: How to install Gladys Assistant with Docker | Gladys Assistant ?

Its working)

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Nice !! :slight_smile: If you have any other questions don’t hesitate.

Already have few question
I use Lytko 101 smart thermostat. And this thermostat have mqtt. How I can add this thermostat to gladys?
Also, I have smart panel Lytko 103. But I havent install yet.
Both of this device use Home Assistant MQTT discovery. But I Hate HA. Bern in hell who decide this evil!!!
Thermostatfor Home Assistant - YouTube This is 101
And this 103

Next step will be Z2M, but it looks like more easy to add device.

@Aleksandr_Kondratev can you control which topic your thermostat is using?

Unfortunately no.
I have only discovery topic.
For exemple
climate/lytko/1657866480_1ch/temperature/set This is set temperature

@Aleksandr_Kondratev Sadly, we don’t support custom topics in Gladys MQTT integration yet.

Here is how the MQTT integration work in Gladys for now:

Maybe with Node-RED in the middle you could manage to control this one in Gladys?

But we are open for changes, and I definitely think it could be great to post/receive data on custom topics in Gladys in the future :+1:

Node-Red not option, to much memory(
Talked to the Lytko developers, they can add any topic to the thermostat.
Can you help, what topic need for HVAC?

I think I should explain what I need.
I hate HA, but this system have mqtt discovery.
I can send Discovery topic and HA know how work with this device.
If add similar discovery to Gladys, I can ask Lytko team what thermostat I use, add this to their firmware and Lytko will natively support Gladys)
Its possible?
Scense + HVAC. Climat control its very important in smart house
I think this allow to add more IOT project to Gladys)

Our MQTT API is defined here:

And explained in this article that I linked previously:

You can create the devices you want and then Gladys will give you in the UI a MQTT topic for listening/publishing.

We don’t have climate control in Gladys currently, but it’s definitely something we want to have in the future.

For HA MQTT topic discovery, why not implement the same discovery mecanism in Gladys.

Do you have development skills and could work on a PR?

unfortunately in im not programer. But i have JS programer in my team and I can ask them)
If you tell me what need to do)