Scripts and Scens for Gladys-4


Thanks for this amazing tool. I found that scripts are supported in Gladys-3, but I cannot find where to create one in Glady-4. Is it no longer supported?

Another thing is that the scene UI is not fully implemented, but the API seems to work fine. Is there any example of scenes? I couldn’t find any other that the easy one in the API documentation.



Gladys 4 is actually in development. It’s a beta version. So there is not everything like the version 3. But the base is really good and some big integration like mqtt / xiaomi … are available. Other one are coming depending on developpers :slight_smile:

Scenes are working but pierre-gilles want to change the UX ! So he want to fix other stuff first and then he will change the scenes UX :slight_smile:

We have to wait a litlle bit.

Thanks for your message @ThreeDean! :slight_smile: Yes, scene support is still work in progress in Gladys 4 :slight_smile:

I’ll publish something when the scene support is out