Trouble changing units

I am having trouble making a change to the units settings. I will change it to Imperial/US and after saving and reloading the page it is back to metic. My weather dashboard is also displaying in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit.

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In which version of Gladys are you? (See in preferences => “system”)

You should be in v4.1.1.

If you installed Gladys with the raspberry pi OS image, currently the image we offer is a fixed version (v4.0.4) that updates automatically.

We are working on a Raspberry Pi OS image that install Gladys latest on boot, but for now we have this system

@pierre-gilles I confirm the bug with latest 4.1.1 dev

I can save unit pref in my profile ( F / Imperial ) but Weather still in Celcius

EDIT: Fast debug

Profile stuff seems ok
Weather service not

Weather service doesnt exploit temperature_unit_preference

New issue created, link here for reference

Ok, thanks for investigating @VonOx ! :pray:

I’ll have a look tomorrow morning :slight_smile:

I am using the latest version and I attempted an update just to be sure. I have also noticed that when going directly into profile my distance setting gets reset to metric, however going through Settings->Users->Edit my distance setting is set to imperial/US. I am not sure if this and the weather units are related.

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Ok @vbigboi no worries it’s not on your side, it’s probably a bug in Gladys

We created an issue and we’ll fix this :slight_smile:

Hey @vbigboi !

Thanks for your feedback, I found the root cause of the problem: it was never coded :smiley: As we are mostly french people we never used that feature for now.

I developed the feature in this PR:

As soon as it’s merged, it’ll be deployed in next Gladys version :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback :pray:

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FYI, this has been merged in master and it’ll go live in the next release :slight_smile: