Update status of devices on a Dashboard

I have a simple dashboard with one device:

I see in the log of the “server” that device status was polled and updated:

2021-04-04T21:46:09-0400 <debug> device.poll.js:12 (DeviceManager.poll) Polling device insteon-407fb4
2021-04-04T21:46:10-0400 <debug> poll.js:50 (InsteonGatewayHandler.poll) Insteon: Polling device 407fb4, new value = 1
2021-04-04T21:46:10-0400 <debug> device.saveState.js:16 (DeviceManager.saveState) device.saveState of deviceFeature insteon-407fb4-binary
2021-04-04T21:46:10-0400 <debug> gateway.forwardWebsockets.js:14 (Gateway.forwardWebsockets) Gateway: not connected. Prevent forwarding event.
2021-04-04T21:46:10-0400 <debug> scene.checkTrigger.js:12 (SceneManager.checkTrigger) Trigger: ne event checkTrigger "device.new-state"

However, Dashboard would not update the status of the device. Is there something that I am missing? Event? I have to reload the page to see the new status.

Dashboard should be automatically updated, but by different way according to the has_feedback feature property:

  • has_feedback = false → core updates feature value
  • has_feedback = true → service should update the value sending a event
const { EVENTS } = require('../../utils/constants');

this.gladys.event.emit(EVENTS.DEVICE.NEW_STATE, {
    device_feature_external_id: featureExternalId,
    state: value,
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Boom! It works after setting this. Thank you

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