User presence based on WIFI or paired with pi?


This is definitely not a urgent/critical one. :smiley:

Currently the user presence feature is based on bluetooth devices.
This comes with the limitation of not being able to use bluetooth devices that are not permanently connected or broadcasting.

Could we look at either:
(1) making the mobile device pair with the raspberry pi (should then allow Gladys to recognise the presence) or
(2) making the user presence feature feature wifi-based?

Option (2) might not be great for users with multiple home networks (ie: I have a guest network, a 2.4GHz and a 5GHz network)

Just dropping this here, and may this be remembered as the first International Feature Request of Gladys :smiley:

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Congrats for this first feature request !

- Someone correct me if I’m wrong -

You can already trigger the user presence within the scenes. First you define the trigger of your choice (I didn’t saw any wifi or BT pairing though) and this trigger leads to the action “User seen in the house” or “User leaving the house”.

Sorry for the translation, I use the french version of Gladys :wink:

Sorry, nor sure I follow the directions.

Which “scenes” are you referring to?
Which integration is this under?

I guess you can be stated as being ‘home’ if you turn a specific light/switch ‘on’
Assuming you finally bought that mandatory NEW bridge :wink:
Else, we often create a ‘fake device’ inside the ‘MQTT’ integration.
You can then use it as the trigger for ‘being home’
Not as smart as a device detection through WiFi.

I see, thanks for clarifying.
Going to replace my tile’s battery (alternative to nus keychain) and see if I can use that.

Sorry for my poor English, it seems I have to improve it a bit :sweat_smile:

Your English is fine, I’m a bit slow it seems :’)

There literally is a menu called ‘scenes’ in the web app and asking you to clarify scenes :smiley:

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