Z-Wave Dimmers in Dashboard?

Hi, I’m trying out Gladys Assistant. I’m running 4.2.1 in Docker on a Raspberry Pi with an Aeotec Gen5 USB Stick.

My Z-Wave network consists of Jasco light switches, dimmers, and outlets switches. I can see everything in Integrations → Z-Wave → Devices just fine. I have assigned all devices to a room.

However, I cannot add the dimmers to the dashboard. When I add a “Devices in room” panel, the switches are available in “Select the devices you want to display”, but dimmers are not. The lights and outlet switches appear there just fine. Is there a way to add the dimmers to the dashboard, or are they not supported yet?


If it’s not displayed it’s that it’s not supported yet, but could be just a few mappings to add in Gladys!

If you want to help us better integrate this device any help is welcome :pray: