Welcome on the new forum!

Hey everyone ! :slight_smile:

I’m happy to announce that this new forum based on Discourse is now online !

The old forum is no longer accessible, and you should now post your messages on this one.

To log in, simply use your old account and click on “forgot my password” to generate a new password on this forum.

Don’t hesitate to send me a message on the contact page of Gladys if you have any problems ( Contact Us | Gladys Assistant ), or ping me on Twitter :wink:

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Welcome to this nice new version of the forum :slight_smile:

Nice job PG :slight_smile:

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Thanks ! I’m really happy about the result, Discourse is great :slight_smile:

Yeah i like it. Congratulation Pierre-Gilles !!!

Bon sa fait du bien sa :wink:

Good job @pierre-gilles , faut que je m’habitue maintenant.

Thx !

Les mentions + recevoir les reply par email c’est quand même pratique ^^

Très sympas ce nouveau forum :slight_smile:

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