I need you 🙏

Hi everyone!

This post is a bit peculiar, so much so that I even preferred to ask @pierre-gilles for permission before posting it: smile:

For those who know me a little bit or who have read my presentation in the post of moderators you will know that I work for a Lyonnaise start-up called Wuha our core business is a multi-application search engine.
Our tool allows you to search directly in Google, in a completely secure way, files/conversations that are in Gmail, Google Drive, Slack and other connectors to come, simultaneously: slight_smile:

We start in January the first official version of the app, but for the moment we are looking for beta testers in completely open mode (without comment restriction) in order to test the solution, we really want to get as much feedback as possible, good AND bad!

As the solution is aimed at both professionals and private individuals and the forum has a strong technophile community and is constructive, I count on you to try this would be a real plus for us: slight_smile:: metal:

To fully understand what the tool does, it is this way:

And if you are already convinced by my explanation the inscription is here: https://app.wuha.io

The app is provided as a browser extension and is currently only available for Chrome and Firefox.
Vivaldi it also works for those who know;)

Thank you all in advance for your participation!
I invite you to make your feedback directly in this topic:)

PS: for those who are interested in the confidentiality of their data, rest assured that we do NOT store ANY DATA OR DOCUMENT about you. Our database does not contain a copy of your files.