Insteon Service

Hi all. I have a house full of Insteon devices. I am in the process of writing a quick proof-of-concept Insteon service that will control only light switch category for now.

Is it true that we should not add all discovered devices to Gladys automatically? In an Insteon network you must pair a device to a controlling gateway first. So it won’t find any random devices. Is it ok to add them automatically? Maybe create a Sync button that synchronizes Gateway devices with Glady’s database.

Hi @siburny,
in most services, we have 3 tabs

  1. configuration: to fill information to bind Gladys with the device system (host, user/pwd…)…
  2. device discover phase: once connected to the device gateway, list all available devices, and let user to save it into Gladys
  3. device stored in Gladys

Of course, we display it in the reverse order 3 - 2 - 1 :wink:

I don’t really know what is Insteon, and how it works.

But if Gladys is the gateway (no Insteon one), you can still have 2 pages:

  1. Discover / pairing: the phase you ask for device pairing, and create it in Gladys
  2. Device stored in Gladys

Let me know if this is clear enough.
I will look more for Insteon, may be interesting :wink:

Hi @AlexTrovato

Insteon is similar to Zigbee and Zwave, but transmits messages through powerlines and RF at the same time. To control an Insteon network you need to have a gateway connected via USB (Insteon Modem) or Network (Insteon Hub). I personally control using USB modem.

I think I got it. I am using existing services as an example. I will have 3 tabs like you explained.


Really interesting technology !
Powerlines… Really need this !

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