Solution de supervision light

Hello everybody !

I’m asking for little help from community for non-gladys purpose :

My main infrastructure solution is based on a Ubuntu KVM server, and I’ve recently upgraded from old 14.04 to 18.4 version, and so on for my VMs running on it such as Zoneminder VM, OpenVPN, my MythTV server … (not yet Gladys, I think I will wait for V4)
I’ve also upgraded my Cozy Cloud instances…

And I’d really like to set up a small and lightweight monitoring system which could send notification through Gladys if something goes wrong.

Yes my house is an entreprise network :smiley:

Thus, do you have any idea of a tool easy to use, install and maintains ?

I think grafana can do that ( there is an API)

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I’m trying grafana combined with prometheus, it’s quite simple to use and seemsto be powerfull :slight_smile:

I just need to figure out how I can send rest api request to Gladys.